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Business Image

We help our clients to design and create their business image, which is how a business presents itself to its marketplace.

In particular, Holimago offers the following services:

  • Company’s logo (concept, design and restyling)
  • Brochure, leaflet and flyer
  • Product catalogue, business communication and monograph
  • Administrative forms
  • Editorial advertising, posters and placards
  • Communication material for expositions, events or museums
  • Footpath signs
  • Business signs, banners and products showcase
  • Product packaging and gadgets

We offer to our clients a 360-degree service, taking care of whole process, from the initial definition of their requirements to design and implementation of the final product. We are also able to effectively manage the relationship with suppliers, ensuring a seamless delivery and execution of the printing, delivery and circulation of the final material.

Holimago can also provide a full range of photography services: advertising shots for catalogues and books.

We collaborate with well-known and established professionals to create presentations, video clips and 3D graphic animation for advertising and educational purposes.


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